Tips on eco-friendly Online Shopping

6 Tips on how to shop eco-friendly

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A few years ago, shopping was just an underrated task. Heading out to store, searching the required item in long racks of products, and then lifting the purchased material all the way to home, especially in the absence of any transport, is not only full of hectic but also time-consuming. Thanks to the internet as it brought all the world together at the distance of just a click.

Online shopping platforms offer cashless transactions, secured payments, customer-friendly shipping costs, and exchange plans. Undoubtedly, online shopping has made it much easier for people to purchase almost any possible item, from toys to other entertainment products, clothing, grocery, and other accessories, all shopping can be done from the comfort of your own home in just a few clicks of the mouse.

It is worth mentioning that online shopping, as opposed to the traditional one, not only brings ease to peoples’ lives but also benefits our planet in many ways. Variables that matter in this regard are green consumption, eco-friendly products, non-polluting packaging, as well as ecologically pure material of the goods that you purchase.

If you wish to buy in eco-friendlier way, your own purchasing habits need to be thoroughly investigated. How much do you order online, and what are the items made of?  As an eco-friendly purchasing habit is necessary not only for our future but also for the planet, and it is significant to buy sustainable products.

Buckle up your seat as here you’ll read a few suggestions to promote your decision. Shall we?

1. Think Before Spending

Every dollar that you spend is a statement about the kind of world you want this planet to become and the standard of living you value. There are many platforms out there with lots of glamorous and attractive products that bring the urge in you to have them instantly.

However, before you make a purchase, sit back, and think about the outcomes that it will have on the planet. Does the product you are going to purchase will pollute the environment in any way? If the answer is yes, you are welcome to change your mind.

2. Recycle Packaging

When receiving your parcel, don’t just get too much excited that you throw the packaging right in the dustbin. First of all, you should keep an eye on the packaging material as many online stores have shifted to carboard packaging instead of plastic to have a hand in reducing plastic pollution.

You can turn the cardboard box in storage places and if you ever receive a plastic packaging, don’t throw it in the trash, instead use recycle bins. When you shop from brands that are conscious about the environment, eco-friendly shipping methods such as multi-drop systems and recycled packaging would definitely be in action.

3. Avoid non-biodegradable Clothes

One of the most significant investments these days is happening in the clothing lines. Traditional ways are no longer active, and people are turning to e-portals for clothes, shoes, and other dressing requirements. It is alarming as your clothes can say much about the pollution-free environment.

Remove items from your list, which are not biodegradable, such as clothes made of cotton, polyester, and products contaminated with toxic substances such as viscose. Alternatively, indulge in getting dresses made of fabric such as linen and organic cotton which use less energy than their non-biodegradable rivals.

4. Avoid non-biodegradable Shoes

While shopping for shoes, do not forget their material too as all leather and rubber contain phthalates as plasticizers, and the adhesive that binds all these components together is not only often toxic, but also allows disposal of the shoe more impossible.

Instead, consider the recent inventions of shoe pairs that are constructed of products such as pineapple husk, corn, and eucalyptus, and their biodegradable nature aims to leave no pollution behind by empowering customers to recycle their footwear.

5. Make a Habit of Deep-searching

This one is important. As happens in local store shopping where you purchase a product right in front of you, the material with which the product is made can easily be judged. However, in the case of online shopping, the situation is entirely different.

Many consumers just focus on buying their favorite item without spending some time on what material they are made of. For example, a high-in-demand product is eye-glasses. But what about the plastic they use? In such a case, what you can do is to switch on alternatives which are made of plant-based products such as bamboo eyewear.

The same is the case for watches, as now you can get wristwatches which are made of pure recycled material such as maple, black wood, rosewood, and recycled teak. Every time you decide to purchase something online, invest some time in searching for some alternative that is eco-friendly and grab that item.

6. Use Treelia

Planting a tree is the best form of benefit you can gift to this planet, but here we are talking about online shopping, right? What can be more enjoyable if you can contribute to the eco-friendly and pollution-free environment by just purchasing items online? Ever heard of it? Let us explain. is a platform that aims at reducing pollutants from the environment and making this planet as it was before the toxic chemicals started destroying it. Committed to planting trees each time you make a purchase by clicking on the links we offer; we will plant trees for you. The exciting thing is that it won’t cost you a penny, as all you have to do is to shop from the stores associated with us, and that’s it!

We agree that the world needs more trees, the amount of carbon dioxide we exhale is increasing with each breath. At the same time, the number of trees is lessening, and they are being cut to make products which are in-turn again harming nature. If that’s the case, why not shopping can be used to protect the planet and help nature bloom?

If your lifestyle really needs some refreshments, look no other than, as your one purchase will save more!

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