How does it work?

With Treelia you can plant trees for free. We receive a fee from the Stores you shop at and use it to plant trees. Just use Treelia Links before buying something, everything else will stay the same.

Shop online

Shop at 1000+ Online Shops after clicking on one of our links. Prices stay the same.

We plant trees

We get paid a commission and use it to plant trees.

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Register to be able to see how many trees you have planted so far.

Tree planting

  • We are an official partner of Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization that plants trees all over the world
  • We donate at least 75% of our profits to Eden.

How we plant trees

Treelia is committed to planting trees. That’s why we use our ad revenue for planting trees. So if you make a purchase after clicking on our link we will plant trees for you. For free.

To make sure every cent goes directly into tree planting, we donate to Eden Reforestation Projects. If you want to learn more about how we plant trees or want to see our donation receipts, check out our article here.

Isn’t Online Shopping bad for the environment?

In most cases that’s not true. Scientists from the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics found that because of the efficiencies already enacted by retail companies over the last years, online shopping can actually be better for the environment than traditional shopping (link to study). There’s also a great YouTube video explaining and visualizing its results.

We founded Treelia because we believe in the good purpose of the internet. Join Treelia today and help spread the word!