How we plant trees


We want to be fully transparent, so we’ll publish financial reports and tree planting proofs every 3 months. They’ll be linked to right here.

At least 75% of all our ad earnings are directly donated to tree planting projects.

To ensure sustainable reforestation we work with Eden Reforestation Projects who hire local villagers to plant trees and make sure these trees aren’t cut down due to economic interests in the future.

By hiring local villagers to plant trees we can also provide them with a steady income so that they have a fair interest in looking after the planted trees and are able to take care of their families.

On average one tree is planted for every 8€ worth of shopping. But keep in mind that this amount varies based on the country you live in and the Online Store you shop at.

The number of trees you’ve planted so far is displayed on the left of the tree icon.

As of today, over 250 million trees have been planted in 6 different countries including Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique and Kenya.

Do you want to learn more about trees? Have a look at our blog article Why trees are amazing.